Single and Multi-Target Rotation Guide

Protection Warrior Rotation 7.2

This is an up-to-date Protection Warrior Rotation 7.2 for World of Warcraft Legion. Basic single and multitarget rotation for your warrior in patch 7.2.

IMPORTANT: This is your basic rotation. For more advanced
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Please note that this is just a simple legion protection warrior rotation for newbies who aren’t really sure where to start. If you’re looking for a more advanced 7.2 protection warrior rotation for pve or pvp, then I recommend checking out the addon I’m using, which you can find in the link above.



Single Target – Protection Warrior Rotation 7.2

Use whenever possible.

Shield Slam
Use off cooldown and when Sword and Board procs.

Use to proc Sword and Board and as your main filler spell.

Focused Rage
Main way to get rid of excess Rage.

Defensive Spells
Use Shield Block to mitigate normal damage and Ignore Pain to mitigate high damage.


Multi-Target – Protection Warrior Rotation 7.2

Use your single target rotation, but also add the below spell to your AoE rotation.

Thunder Clap
Use off cooldown.

UPDATE (Please Read): Thanks for the email suggestions on this rotation! Will be updating soon 🙂 In the meantime, if you’re looking for more help, then I recommend checking out the NEW “Impulse” addon I’m using. Helps a ton with figuring out your most optimal rotation, macros, etc… for PvE & PvP!

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Bonus Video: How To Make Macros in 7.2 (newbie friendly)

Copy & Paste Macros From Here

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